Interim Minister coming Soon

senior minister

Info about interim minister will go here. 

Marj Doescher

office manager

Marj was born and raised in Everett, WA. She trained at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division in Orlando, Florida and logged over 260 hours of training on Microsoft products from the Department of Defense. Marj has a daughter and son-in-law here in Boise and two siblings in Washington. Marj enjoys card making, hunting, fishing, reading and camping. Marj loves the diversity of people she has found in Boise.  

We appreciate the hard work and patience Marj shows in managing the day to day for our church. 

Clark Gross

Music coordinator

Clark studied Music Education at BSU and learned of Red Rocks need for a Music Director through BSU. Clark thinks of himself as a jack of all trades and ia able to learn a lot of new things. Clark has done an amazing job at aiding our tech transition in the last two years.
Clark's favorite scripture is Romans 7 because it shows that all people are deserving of love. This is a life lesson he tries to live by. He loves all outdoors activities. Climbing, fishing, and camping are my favorites. He loves the variety of outdoor opportunities Boise offers. He and his partner regularly enjoy much of the surrounding area.

dr. chad spears


Chad is from Boise and received his Doctor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Florida State University in 2017. He is blessed with a family who is extremely supportive of his music career and considers Red Rock a second family. Chad loves Boise for the arts scene and the wide variety of ethnic foods available. He enjoys walks, hikes, meeting friends for coffee, tennis, travel, and time with his family. Chad is a roller coaster fanatic!

We love the musicality, professionalism, and humor Chad brings to our church family!