Community Outreach

We support our community with school supply drives, food boxes, and other single events. Below are our year round outreach efforts.

Community Supper

We invite our friends and neighbors every 3rd Tuesday at 6pm for a free meal and a safe, welcoming place to gather for conversation. At each Community Supper we extend help to our neighbors by offering free pastries, vegetables, and fruit to take home.

  • We have been holding our monthly Community Supper since 2008 and have served over 14,700 meals.
  • Pre-Covid, our monthly attendance average was 120-150 people but we have fed as many as 225 in one month.
  • Each month, our congregation looks forward to the community supper and the opportunity to interact with our neighbors.
  • We partner with other churches on the bench to provide at least one free meal a week to our neighborhood.
  • We are again serving meals in person or for take-away.

Furnishing Hope.

Red Rock is working with area charities to assist with moving, clean up and furnish spaces for people transitioning from homelessness. We focus on one family at a time and collect household items and home furnishings to give the family a fresh start.

Food Pantry

Our food pantry is to the right of the church's main entrance.

The pantry is stocked regularly and gets a lot of traffic.

Donations to stock this pantry can be left at the church office.

Boise area self rescue guide.

Little Free Library

Our library is located on the Roosevelt side of the church. We rotate books on a biweekly basis. We are glad to accept donations of new or used books (especially children's books).