Red Rock Christian Church


red rock community supper

God has provided everything we have and entrusted it to our care.

Red Rock offers many stewardship opportunities, such as:

  • Caring for ourselves and our neighbors.  We pray for those in need and provide meals and visitation for those who are homebound.  We offer many fellowship activities to keep everyone involved in our faith community.
  • Caring for the world around us.  From composting and recycling, to raking leaves for our neighbors, to spring cleanup at our church camp, there are ample opportunities to get our hands dirty.
  • Caring for the future of our church.  We raise and educate our children in the ways of Christ so that they may become the leaders of our church in the future.  We make responsible decisions, keeping in mind the changing role of the church in our community.
  • The use and care of our building and property.  Volunteers provide for the safe operation and maintenance of our facilities and often bring professional skills to keep everything in good working order.
  • The use and care of contributions of money, resources and time.  We give to support the ministries of our church and seek to involve as many people as possible, counting every contribution as vital to our success.