Masks Now Optional, With a Few Exceptions

The Board made the decision on March 14, 2022 to start making masks optional in the church building as well as for Red Rock sponsored offsite activities.  To be clear, persons and families are encouraged to make their own judgments for themselves and any youth or children in their care.  Anyone is still welcome to wear masks, and Red Rock will continue making high-protection masks available for use in adult and children’s sizes like N95, KN95, and KF94 masks.  

Three key exceptions - There are three key exceptions when masks would still be required per current CDC guidance:
  1. Active symptoms (coughing, sneezing, congestion, fever, etc.)
  2. A positive test for COVID between 5 and 10 days previous (per CDC guidance, anyone with a positive COVID test must isolate for five days even if they have no symptoms).
  3. A known exposure to someone with COVID-19 within the last ten days.
Worship livestream will continue - We continue to be committed to offering an online option for worship.
Remote options still available for worship leaders 
            Scheduled worship leaders such as Elders, scripture readers, and those leading Children’s Story would still be free to pre-record their parts or participate via Zoom in if they are uncomfortable participating in person in a masks-optional environment.
              Nursery attendants will continue to wear masks.  Children in the nursery ages 2 and up will still be required to wear masks.  This is because children under the age of 5 are not currently eligible for vaccination.  Parents or family members only briefly staying in the nursery would not be required to wear masks.
Sunday School
              Masks would be optional for children and youth in Sunday School classes.  Sunday School teachers will initially continue to wear masks.  On a class-by-class basis, teachers will monitor parent feedback in the upcoming weeks to see if the teachers continuing to wear masks is helpful or needed.

Policy implementation
a. This mask-optional proposal policy amends the February 14 Board reopening policy decision.  Members interested in the receiving a copy of the full policy decision are welcome to have one.  Just contact the church office.
b. This decision made by the Board of Red Rock Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), was made with the best information available at the time of the decision.  This decision could be reevaluated and/or updated by the Board or Executive Committee at a later date if new information or sudden or unexpected adverse changes in the COVID pandemic come to light.